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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

We all remember, not so long ago, how easy, and actually recommended it was to have face to face coaching sessions, live workshops and presentations, retreats, and other group events that were helpful in establishing stronger connections with the clients and your message reaching them more easily.

In the current time that we are living, things are changing and much of the business world is moving online. For a part of it, it has its benefits, because what better way is there to reach more people than the online world? The opportunities are endless.

At the same time, more and more Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers are needed. They are your remote right hand, there to help you with pretty much any task that you could delegate, and even help you with strategy, processes and implementation. I wrote more about the difference between the two in my other post “Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant? A small guide for coaches”.

Now, why would you need the support in the first place?

It’s true that a lot of the tasks you could probably squeeze in your schedule and do them yourself, but wouldn’t you rather take care of what’s truly important for your business to grow, instead of letting administrative work take your precious time? Wouldn’t you prefer having someone managing your agenda, planning your sessions, keeping track of your to-do’s while you invest more in your clients?

It can get overwhelming sometimes to keep track of all the pending tasks, managing and solving them at the same time. Meetings, sessions, networking, administration, promotion, social media, all of these take time to manage, time that could be invested elsewhere, such as creating an online course, publishing new content, webinars, book writing, new podcast episodes, you name it.

A virtual assistant could help you prioritize, manage your emails and calendar, schedule all your meetings, organize your learning materials and other filings you might need. Your next VA could take care of some of your content and help you with your social media, or course promotion, launching a new podcast or design, communication with clients. There are endless possibilities depending on the kind of support you need and the skills you need the person to have.

Growing a business takes time and as the business grows, workload increases. Having a virtual assistant by your side can not only make your days brighter because you know you have a reliable helping hand whenever you need it, but it can also increase productivity and help your business grow. The more your virtual assistant knows about your business, the more they can help you with fresh ideas to scale your business and put those ideas into practice.

Having this kind of support can make a tremendous difference not only in your coaching business, but also in your personal life. It can create that necessary space for you to expand your business, bring in new clients, and it also brings you that mental breather you've been waiting for to spend time with family, friends, going outside in nature, or just enjoying that nice cup of tee while listening to the birds singing outside.

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