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My Signature Services as an Online Business Manager for Coaches

Let’s build a soul-nourishing coaching business that works for you (~and not against you)

As a Certified OBM, my mission is to help YOU pursue your dream coaching business, make an impact, and earn good money doing it. I’ll guide and assist you on your way to scale up, streamline your income, and build the business you deserve.


My team and I will handle everything from the pesky admin tasks to crafting a strategic game plan for the projects running in your business, and managing the entire process for you.


Think of me as an ‘orchestra conductor’ for your business. Whether you’re overwhelmed with chaos, confused, or simply just don’t have enough hours in the day…I come in and lead the way toward clarity, growth, and sustainability in your business.

Sounds like that exact thing you need? Have a look at my Retainer Services & pricing plan below. Each retainer package can be fully customized to your needs with the option to handpick any or all of the services mentioned.


If you're more interested in a one-off Package for a particular service, head over to our Packages page here



With our VA services, we’ll help you to:

  • Streamline your busy schedule

  • Organize your calendar, and put everything back in order

  • Make sure your workweek flows effortlessly and you get plenty of slow moments to restore and recharge for what’s next

  • Foster a nurturing relationship with your community through podcast & social media management 

  • If you have an online course/ mastermind/ private membership my team and I will manage it for you


Ready to bring your coaching business to the next level and explore all the new possibilities waiting for you? Amazing! Consider this your customized path to step into more abundance and ease in your business. 

Here, we’ll:

  • Combine your vision with our years of experience, preparation, and intentional strategy

  • Break down your big goals into tangible monthly and quarterly goals, plan out the entire process, and set your business up for success

  • Organize your busy agenda and create space for focus on the actual coaching

  • Manage the projects, document the processes, and ensure everything flows smoothly :) 


This service is great for you if you wish to truly let go and just focus on YOU and the growth of your business. 

This includes: 

  • Managing, supporting, and empowering your team

  • Overseeing the whole project for you

  • Assigning tasks to the team & setting timelines

  • Ensuring tasks get done well in advance for a stress-free work process


Want to deliver a smooth and memorable onboarding experience to all of your clients? Here we offer you the tools & guidance to start a new client relationship and retain them for the long run.


Choosing this service means:

  • We'll carefully review the current system you have in place and finetune it or create a new seamless system suited specifically to your business needs.

  • You’ll not only get the full system implementation but also documented processes and workflows that serve as a rock-solid foundation for you and your team to always get back to whenever you feel lost

  • We'll look at all the integrations and automations necessary to be set up so that the system can run by itself

  • All of your written notes, dispersed information across multiple platforms, and information that 'lies in your head' will be neatly organized under one PM tool easily accessible for you and the team


Price starting at $1300

Don’t feel like picking just one service or hiring only for one task at a time? We’re also happy to give you ongoing support and provide any or all of the services above. Retainer packages start at $1300/month. If you’re not sure what kind of help you need, don't worry. We've got you covered. Just hit Apply and I'll reach out to schedule a call.

All retainer packages include:

  • Our ongoing support with any problems/frustrations you might have

  • A personalized approach that equips you to pursue your business journey in a holistic way 

  • Practical roadmaps and step-by-step strategies toward profit & profound impact

  • Any or all of the services above

  • Monthly calls with me to reflect and plan our next steps

  • A dedicated purpose-driven team that *always* has your back is here for you with the utmost attention and care

  • Smooth & effortless workflow

  • The foundation you need for your business to grow and evolve while tapping into the deeper purpose 

  • Ease of mind that your business is well taken care of

  • A one-of-a-kind transformative journey of finally going after what you really want ;) 



Are you determined to scale your business, build financial abundance, and focus on the things that truly matter to YOU? Ready to become more engaged with your life than with your to-do list?


Since you made it all the way down here… I believe the answer is yes. 😉 You’d like to open up the space to not only accomplish all your goals, but also to fully rest, play, and live life.


Well, my team and I will be excited to make this your reality. If you’d love us to join you on this beautiful ride and help you with all the ~messy & unpredictable… we’re here for you every step of the way.


Just fill out the application below and I’ll be in touch with you asap.


If you have other questions or are looking to collaborate, you can reach out directly at Expect to hear from me within 48 hours during business hours (Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm Eastern European).

Complete the form to get started

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