I’m Ioana, the “Orchestra Conductor”. I help coaches with their strategy, vision, and implementation in their coaching business, organizing their time and resources, and thus creating a balance that is much needed in their life.

I believe all of us have a collective purpose to learn to be kind to each other, love our differences, and help each other grow. I also believe we have an individual purpose which is to share our true talent with the world. It took me several attempts at 9-5 corporate jobs and switching from one department to another to understand my talent, but eventually, I did. My main purpose is to create a mental breather for anyone that is working with me. It is an absolute joy when I see processes running smoothly, everything neatly organized and running on time, and my clients happy with my work. It is an even bigger joy when I can help coaches overcome self-doubts or fears such as "Is my content relevant?" or "Do I have what it takes to build this amazing program?" 

How I do this? I bring clarity with the help of an awesome but underused skill called prioritizing and through top-notch-no-stress planning that puts all tasks, resources, obstacles, and deadlines under the same roof and makes them all get along just fine.

Why would you struggle with juggling different tasks that are taking away the creative potential for expanding your business and creating a genuine impact on people’s lives? Why not delegate and collaborate with someone that understands your business and wants to bring it to its maximum potential?

So, let’s address some relevant questions.

Why would you need help?

Let’s sit with this for a moment and picture how your business is running right now. Think of all the admin, research, emailing, logistics, travel arrangements, podcast, client contact, online courses, creation of events, webinars, and all the to-do’s you have on your plate. Think of all the other things you have on your pending list because there just isn’t enough time to start with them right now. Think about the energy you invest in all of this, in comparison to the energy you invest in the actual coaching or your business.

Now picture how your day would look like if you would have a Right-Hand to help you with all of that and you could focus only on your clients and ways to grow your business. Think about the energy and mental breath of fresh air you would have if you were not alone with all of this. Think about how it would be if you would have someone that you could go to and discuss your vision and goals and that person would put it all into motion, help you prioritize, and implement the strategy. I am that person, supporting coaches with virtual assistance and business management is what I do and love.

Why would you need ME to help you?

I’m not here just to help you with tasks that overwhelm you and take away your much-needed focus. I am here to be the backbone of your business, to be the Right-Hand, the person you can go through your goals with and help you define what’s important, the one that can help you be more productive and keep you with the feet on the ground when you tend to lose purpose or direction, and why not, the person that hears you out when there’s a lot of mental chatter going on. Tip: I found out this helped our clients in defining goals and moving forward.

Click below to contact me and let’s find out where you are with your coaching business, and how we can help YOU.