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Online Business Manager Ioana Luca

I believe success is an inside job

Welcome. I’m Ioana, a Certified Online Business Manager for soul-driven coaches and an ‘orchestra conductor’ for my clients. I’m all about creating *businesses that work for us, not against us.* To me, success comes from taking space for me-time, listening to my inner wisdom, and following the things that feel good


I feel this shouldn’t be just a luxury but a right for everyone.


Yet, when we let chaos take over, we feel stressed, overwhelmed, and tuning into ourselves becomes almost impossible. And this is why I created Assistify Coaching. Here, we replace chaos with ease & clarity in your day-to-day work. 

My mission 


I’m here to help coaches, spiritual teachers, and healers, make a difference in this world and scale their businesses. I use my organizational superpowers to lead coaches to come back to themselves and build their businesses from the inside out. 


I encourage them to step into their zone of genius ~coaching and to relax knowing everything else is handled. If they struggle, I’m always there for them and guide them through it one step at a time. 


Whenever questions like "Is my content relevant?" or "Do I have what it takes to build this amazing program?” come up, I hold their hand and provide support. Thanks to my holistic approach, they can overcome their self-doubts and organically grow their businesses. 


The best? 


They still find the time to pause, recharge, introspect, and focus on spreading their magic. Together, we make even more impact and create a kinder world (which is my goal too!). 






What got me here?

After switching between several 9-5 jobs, I realized my purpose is to be a part of a mission that’s bigger than me. I discovered I wanted to serve wholehearted coaching business owners and build real connections with the people I admire the most (them). 


What will working together look like?

If you think you’re my target client, prepare for a fiercely one-of-a-kind ride. ;)


First, we’ll start with a free ‘getting to know each other discovery call and see if we’re a good match. If yes, we’ll discuss your vision, specific goals, and what’s holding you back. Then, my team and I will handle 'urgent fires' and develop a monthly and quarterly strategic plan with tangible action steps and get the ball rolling.


We’ll keep in touch the entire time via Zoom video calls, emails, and Slack.


We’ll use our services and uplifting energy to guide and assist you on your journey. While we push through the challenges together, we also never forget to celebrate all the little & big wins with you. 





The result of working with me

Although every journey is different, here’s what most coaches love about working with me and you might too:


  • Instead of doubting yourself, running from task to task, and being overwhelmed, you’ll feel at ease. 

  • You’ll quickly notice I’m not just an online business manager for coaches. You’ll have a business bestie that always has your back, is genuinely in love with their business, and is rooting for your success. 

  • You’ll be empowered to offer an even higher value to your clients and manifest higher revenue. 

  • You’ll become unapologetic about your goals and finally go after what you really want. 

  • With my personal help, you’ll be able to create a fulfilling business and cultivate a life of freedom and purpose. 


Me, in a nutshell

Interested in getting to know me on a more personal level? Here are a few things about me:


  • I deeply value my me-time. To me, it’s the best way to recharge my batteries, come back to my true self, and feel grounded. 


  • I like to practice various meditations and talk about spirituality. I’m always curious to listen to people’s opinions on topics like ‘Where do we come from?’ and their views on how consciousness works.


  • I love getting to know people on a true, personal level. I feel this shows our humanness and divinity.


  • If I need to find some answers, I sometimes dive into the world of tarot. (I have a few decks “Lightworkers Journey" from Kerry Clancey being my favourite)


  • I do the new moon and full moon rituals with the help of crystals. This helps me to release what no longer serves me and brings good into my life.


Do you think we’d be the perfect fit? Let’s work together! 

Feel free to book your discovery call here or learn more about my services. 


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