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"Brilliant experience working with Ioana. She was recommended to me by my best friend who couldn't stop raving about her. He still tells me how much better his work-life balance is since starting to work with her. She's a real pro to have on your team!"

Take a look at our Service Packages

Not ready to hire an OBM just yet but still want to create a path for sustainable growth for your coaching business? We’ve got something for you too. 


Our packages below are great if you’d like to infuse your business with strategic planning & seamless systems in a short amount of time. Here, you know exactly what you get at the end and in what timeline. 


Each of them has a clearly defined path, clear deliverables, and an established timeline. In the end, you’ll walk away with clarity, confidence, and ease looking ahead in your business.

Strategic Planning Package

PRICE: $1500

Duration: 2 weeks

Are you a purpose-driven coach, a therapist, or a spiritual teacher on a way to grow your business? Yet, the endless advice from all corners of the internet and everyone claiming to have ‘THE’ strategy leaves you confused, overwhelmed with information, and just stuck in inaction…


You wish someone could support you in crafting a strategy that’s not one size fits all, but one that’s tailored exactly to YOUR business, your dreams, and your goals. 


If this is you, welcome! In this package, we’ll personally design a plan & expert strategy to scale your coaching business and help you reach your income & impact goals. You’ll know where to shift your focus, be clear on your priorities, and have a clearly defined plan. 

Here is what you get:

  • An initial 3h strategy call with me

  • An Annual Plan containing all of the goals projected for the year ahead, their priority, and their current status

  • A Year at a Glance Overview of the goals to focus on each quarter for the year ahead

  • A 90 Day Planning Report that includes the top 3 priorities, timeline, resources needed, and the next steps for the next 90 Days

  • A detailed project plan for one of the top 3 priorities of the first 90 Days, that will be added in the PM tool as a ‘central’ location

  • A Metrics Sheet for the top 3 priorities

Client Onboarding System Implementation Package

PRICE: $1100

Duration: 2 weeks

Are you frustrated with all the steps it takes to onboard your new coaching clients? You dreamed and worked so hard to bring them to this point. Now, you hope to provide a smooth & effortless onboarding experience, not miss any steps, and create ease in the process. Am I right?... If yes, you’ll love my client onboarding package that’s here to help you accomplish exactly that. 

Here is what you get:

  • Laying the foundation: An initial 2h call with me to discuss your exact needs, establish the goals of the system, and plan out the next steps

  • Crafting a strategic workflow and process roadmap within the platform. This includes delivery and implementation timeline and getting clear on the expected results

  • Full Implementation:

    • Setting up Coach/Company profile

    • Creating Aligned Offer Pages/Packages 

    • Setting up a Scheduling System

    • Setting up Contracts for fast e-signature

    • Creating a seamless online Payment structure

    • Setting up Surveys, Automated Emails 

    • Setting up relevant Integrations to finetune the process

  • Platform walk-through: A video guide that explains how the system works & how to navigate easily inside the platform 

  • Finishing touches: 1h call at the end to go through the workflow and setup within the platform. Plus, answering any questions you might have.

NOTE: Our preferred platforms are CoachVantage, Paperbell, and Dubsado.

60-Day Course Creation + Launch Plan

PRICE: $1500

Duration: 2 months

Never put off releasing your online course again.


If you’ve dreamed about releasing an online course/program but been stuck worrying about the process, then this is for you. We designed this package for coaches, therapists, and spiritual teachers ready to share their divine knowledge with the world and diversify their income streams. 


No matter what you’re launching - a course, a group program, or a membership…We’ll take you through it one step at a time. We’ll handle all the backend side of your course and help you lay the foundation for a successful launch. 

Here is what you get:

  • An initial 2h call with me to establish your goals and needs with the launch

  • A detailed launch plan that includes all the tasks and timelines from start to finish

  • Creation of the sales funnel

  • Full setup of the course within Kajabi, including visuals, uploading and scheduling materials/modules, setting up check-out and payment structure, upsells and downsells

  • 3 x 1 calls with me to be used as needed throughout the 2 months

  • Unlimited email support throughout the 60 days and 1 month after launch

Accountability Package

PRICE: $350


for a minimum of 1 month (4 sessions/month)

Not ready to hire a team yet but need some extra accountability? Then this package might have just what you’re looking for. If you actually enjoy managing your emails, socials, and your day-to-day tasks, and only need help to make sure they get done…You’ll love our accountability package.


Here I’ll personally hold your hand, help you stay on the right path, cheer you on along the journey and keep you accountable for your projects. 

Here is what you get:

  • Step 1: On each call, we discuss what’s on your plate for the week, put all tasks on ‘paper’ (so that they don’t occupy your headspace anymore), and establish deadlines. 

  • Step 2: After the call, I’ll add the discussed tasks and deadlines into a PM tool of your choice

  • Step 3: On our next call, we go through what you completed/got done last week, what difficulties you encountered to which I will provide solutions, and then discuss the priorities for the new week

  • P.S. I might jump in to check your progress throughout the week ;)

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