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Project Management and doing strategic planning on a regular basis are crucial for every online business that's growing, or any business for that matter. The more growth you are planning to have, the more projects and tasks need management. We offer solutions starting with assisting with the strategy, creation of a detailed plan & steps required, to assigning tasks, resources, and managing the team. Follow-up is also part of project management and we make sure that all of those tasks are completed timely and efficiently. Whether you're planning to launch a product or a book, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Some of our services in this section:

  • Setting up a Project Management System

  • Assist in Determining Priorities

  • Coordinate Planning activities (monthly, quarterly, yearly) according to Business Goals

  • Creating Project Plans, including Timeline, Process, People, and other Resources

  • Delegating details of the projects to various team members

  • Managing the budget for the project

  • Managing website

  • Managing ​Product Launches (Online Courses, Programs, Podcast)

  • Keeping track of Projects and Deadlines

  • Managing Marketing Implementation (Social Media, Ads, Funnels)

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