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Committed to Your Coaching Business

Ready to turn those big goals & dreams for your coaching business into a reality? Well, we can help you make that happen. We believe every goal needs a solid game plan rooted in thoughtful strategy and intention. And well, that’s kind of my thing. ;)


I’ll help you craft a practical step-by-step roadmap for your business goals and will also make sure you & your team stay on track the entire time. I do this by helping you manage your team, assign tasks, resources, reflect & take inventories, and a lot more!


If you don’t have a team just yet, no worries… I come prepared with a team of talented professionals that will be excited to jump in and help wherever needed. Whether you're planning to launch a product, online program, or podcast, we’re here for you every step of the way of turning your passion into profit.


Some of our services in this section:

  • Setting up a Project Management System

  • Assist in Determining Priorities

  • Coordinate Planning activities (monthly, quarterly, yearly) according to Business Goals

  • Creating Project Plans, including Timeline, Process, People, and other Resources

  • Delegating details of the projects to various team members

  • Managing the budget for the project

  • Managing website and other platforms needed

  • Managing ​Product Launches (Online Courses, Programs, Podcast)

  • Keeping track of Projects and Deadlines

  • Managing Marketing Implementation (Social Media, Funnels, etc)

Colleagues at Work

Let's get started

Are you determined to scale your business, build financial abundance, and focus on the things that truly matter to YOU? Ready to become more engaged with your life than with your to-do list?


Since you made it all the way down here… I believe the answer is yes. 😉 You’d like to open up the space to not only accomplish all your goals, but also to fully rest, play, and live life.


Well, my team and I will be excited to make this your reality. If you’d love us to join you on this beautiful ride and help you with all the ~messy & unpredictable… we’re here for you every step of the way.


Just fill out the application below and I’ll be in touch with you.


Expect to hear from me within 48 hours during business hours (Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm Eastern European).

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