Professional Business Manager providing Virtual Assistance for Coaches and coaching businesses of all sizes. 

As a virtual assistant for coaches, Assistify Coaching will help you handle administrative, social media marketing, business related tasks and provide consultation service to help business owners save time and grow their business.

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ARE YOU A COACH IN SEARCH OF YOUR 'ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR' ? Looking to take your coaching business to the next level? 

I believe that coaching can change lives and help people achieve their goals. That's why I created Assistify Coaching – a place that provides all the support you need to take your coaching business to the next level.

We take all of the burden off of you so that you can focus on what you're best at: coaching. Whether you're looking for help with administration, marketing, or project management, we can assist you in making your coaching business a success. We'll work with you to create an online presence that draws in more clients, and we'll help you organize and define your vision so you can make the most of your time and energy.

So whether you're a free spirit who hates doing all the pesky organizational tasks or just need some help clarifying your vision, we're here to assist!

Let us be your helping hand – contact us today!



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You are an established coach and you want to take your coaching business to the next level

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You have a lot of coaching material in place and you would like to put all that knowledge and insights into online courses or programs

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You have a lot of ideas on how to grow your coaching business but you're missing the 'how-to' or you don’t know where to start

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You want to expand your 1-1 coaching business and create an online presence to reach more clients

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You're a free, creative spirit and you dislike doing all of the structural, organizational tasks, but you would love to have someone else take care of it

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You would love to find someone that can create order out of your chaos, someone that can help you create clarity in your vision and define the next steps


What we can support you with

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Building strategy for your business

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Clarifying vision, goals, and direction of your business

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Putting ideas and strategy into action

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Prioritizing goals and creating action plans with clear timelines

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Finding the best ways to increase your online presence

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Setting up online courses, podcasts, webinars, coaching sessions, programs

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Coordinating your ‘behind the scenes’ team or building the best team for you and your coaching business

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Creating efficient processes and SOP's that maximize your time

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Taking care of all of those pesky admin tasks that you just don't have time for

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Creating more time for you to focus on your clients and coaching.

My Story


I’m Ioana, the “Orchestra Conductor”. I help coaches with their strategy, vision, and implementation in their coaching business, organizing their time and resources, and thus creating a balance that is much needed in their life.

I believe all of us have a collective purpose which is to learn to be kind to each other, love our differences, and help each other grow. I also believe we have an individual purpose which is, sharing our true talent with the world. It took me several attempts at 9-5 corporate jobs and switching from one department to another to understand my talent, but eventually, I did.




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Business Administration

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Project Management

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Online Courses

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Website Management

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Design Services

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ASSISTIFY COACHING is all about taking the weight off your shoulders. From life coaches to business coaches and transformational coaches, the list of clients keeps growing each year. We ensure quality by offering smart and customizable solutions for each and every client.

With our services, you will be able to focus on what really matters - coaching - and leave the rest to us. Reach out today so we can start working together!





Reach out today to start working together!



Getting started


Rikky Maas


Brilliant experience working with Ioana. She was recommended to me by my best friend who couldn't stop raving about her. He still tells me how much better his work-life balance is since starting to work with her. She's a real pro to have on your team!

Ian Goh


Through partnering and working with Ioana, she brings a loving precision to helping me structure and plan my work so that we get to facilitate the deepest transformation for our clients, in a way that's authentic and effective, and efficient. Ioana brings her gifts of clarity (helping me crystallize ideas and service offerings), care (helping me create time to honor my values and grow personally and professionally), and commitment (helping me structure and plan the work). With her operational and business management support, I am enabled to show up better for the work I so love to do because I can relax knowing that someone has my back. 

I am immensely grateful for the service and love that Ioana brings to working through ALL of these details, for they truly make my work and my business much more effortless and so much more impactful. To anyone looking for someone to complement what you naturally bring as a coach/therapist/healer/consultant, I wholehearted recommend Ioana and her team.

 Our Uniqueness

Building strong connections

When you sign up to work with us, you're not only signing up with a Virtual Assistant or Business Manager to help you with mundane tasks. You're signing up with someone truly passionate about helping you thrive, someone that you can see as a partner, a Right-Hand that you can rely on.

Going beyond

We can easily juggle between simple tasks like emails and scheduling, and more complex tasks like project management and operations. We're not only focused on helping you with tasks that can be delegated, but we're also there to bring in new ideas. Our creativity combined with our attention towards details means that we will be able to help you stay on top of your game!

The Yin to your Yang

We will be complementing your creativity and vision with strategy and execution. Any ideas that you have, reach out to us, and we'll check for the best options, help you decide, and search for ways to implement them so that you don't have to worry about it.


Have Questions? We Have Answers

What does an Online Business Manager do?

An Online Business Manager is more than a Virtual Assistant. An OBM offers more complex services such as contributing to the overall strategy and growth of the business, creating workflows and systems, project management, managing teams, and has a diverse and vast experience that helps with the development of a business. An OBM is usually deeply invested in making your business a success.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

A Virtual Assistant is typically an independent worker who assists with administrative, social media, marketing, and other tasks relevant to a business. Their main contribution is freeing up time for business owners to handle other important aspects of their business. They handle most of the tasks that are necessary but also time-consuming for a busy business owner, thus contributing to boosting the productivity of a business.

Why do coaches need a Virtual Assistant?

As a coach, one of your goals is to help as many people in the area that you specialize in. But the more clients you want to reach and the more you’re looking to grow your coaching business, the less time you will have for all of the admin tasks necessary for the business to run and to achieve your goals. A VA can take all of these tasks off your plate and lets you focus on your strategy, vision, content, and coaching.

Why do coaches need a Business Manager?

Opportunities for coaching businesses to grow are endless. A Business Manager can help you prioritize, can assist you with your strategy and goals, can offer valuable suggestions as to where to go next and what is needed for that, and they can even help you with the implementation of it all. Having an OBM by your side is a valuable asset, especially if you’re looking to expand.

Who will be my contact person?

You will have me as the main contact person for all of your requests, and a dedicated VA from our team, so you don’t need to worry about a lack of communication or delayed responses.

How do you work? What timezones do you cover?

With our clients’ needs at the forefront, we organize tasks based on priority and urgency so that you are always in control of your time. It's important to us too! We will generally cover all timezones for completing work, meaning that tasks will get done, but for regular calls and tasks outside business hours, there is usually some discussion about frequency/lengthiness and what’s possible.

Are the pricing packages customizable?

Yes, they are. During our 1-hour free consultation, we will see if your needs match any of the set packages. If a mix of packages is better suited for you and your business, we will adjust accordingly so that you are well taken care of.

When is the right time to hire a VA/Business Manager?

The best time to hire support is when you're looking to expand your business or you're thinking of transitioning your business into something bigger and better. At that point, a Business Manager can help you with strategy, prioritizing goals, and establishing next steps, and a VA can help you implement all of it, leaving you to focus on what's truly important while also maintaining work-life balance. Another indication that it's time to hire support is when you start to feel overwhelmed by all the tasks needed to push your business forward and you are left with barely any time to focus on your content, your clients, and your goals.


Are you ready to scale your coaching business by focusing on what’s important and delegating the rest?

Do you want us to help you with this and create a lifestyle for you that not only promotes work-life balance but also brings in more clients and increases income through smart focus and productivity?

Let’s have a chat to see what your needs are and how we can help. Complete this form and I’ll personally reach out to book a free 1-hour consultation.

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